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The Eagle Messenger Of The Creator And Sacred Symbol In North Native American Mythology


The Eagle is associated with masculine energy and focus of the mind. The eagle is symbol of courage, wisdom and strength. It’s sacred because it can fly the highest and therefore closest to Spirit.

The Quetzal A symbol of beauty and unification, balance and grace

The bird that embodies joining heart and mind, male and female, some also see it as the offspring of other two.

The Maya acknowledged it as an embodiment of freedom. As quetzals usually don’t survive in captivity, they communicate that they would rather transcend than be held back.

The Condor A Symbol Of The Sky, The path of the Condor is represented by the South and is deeply connected to feminine and the softness of heart.

Indigenous people consider the condor sacred, hence there are various stories connecting it with the creation of life on Earth. The Condor was and is still admired as a symbol of power and majesty.

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