What are Earthships®?

Earthships are a type of sustainable home created by visionary Michael Reynolds. They are not only sustainable, but self-sustainable, which means they leverage nature’s elements to provide their inhabitants with:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Electricity
  • Year-round comfortable living temperature

They are also built from natural and re-purposed materials and have a contained sewage system, so they have a positive impact on their immediate surroundings!

The Earthship philosophy challenges many paradigms of our modern world, and offers an clear and actionable plan to changing our world for the better…starting with our homes.


Who are we?

EQC Earthships is a small collective of people who are deeply passionate about Earthships and their potential to positively impact our world.

We have completed the process of our Earthship certification with Earthship Biotecture, and are excited to share this knowledge with our community and our surroundings.

EQC Stands for Eagle-Quetzal-Condor. Representing the three birds sacred to the native people living throughout the Americas.

If you’re interested in building an Earthship, getting advice or guidance, hosting an educational event, or simply being friends, we’d love to connect with you!