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The workweek ends on Saturday once we come down from the site. Sundays are free. You are expected to be at basecamp and ready to go up to the site Monday 8:00AM.

Having said/set that, there are amazing places in the surrounding area that are definitely worth a visit. Heading to each one, per week, would be a great idea and might give us the chance to coordinate parts of it.


This amazing beach is one of the best Surf spots in Panama and also one of the most beautiful beaches of the pacific coast. A beautiful horse-shoe shaped bay known for consistent waves, black sand beach, outdoor activities, comfortable accommodation, good food, and vibrant nightlife. The beach has become a hot destination for visitors, people of all ages and mindsets looking for paradise.


Panama has hundreds of islands, these are white-sand, laid back,  picturesque and have unrivaled access to secluded beaches and marine areas. It’s easy to arrange snorkeling and scuba diving while staying there. Along the Pacific side in the area of the build, two main ones stand out, Isla Iguana and Isla Cañas, both excellent choices.

WEEK 3, PEDASI Activity

One of the regions prettiest towns, the tiny place is emerging as one of Panama’s up-and-coming tourist destinations. Tidy, charming, and friendly, the buildings are decorated with Spanish-colonial architecture lining pristine beaches. A weekend here will give you the chance to soothe your nostalgia, as a good burger, cold draft beer and possibly a live cover band will be available.


A window into the country’s wilder side, Panama’s main festival reveals the breadth of cultures in this small country.

Panama loves a good rum-soaked time and the best of such is Carnaval, held during the four days that precede Ash Wednesday.

At dusk, floats and musicians are paraded on parallel streets. Crowds pack the sidewalks and fireworks light up the night. The queens appear on Saturday night and their coronation is held on Sunday. Monday is masquerade day and on Tuesday is “polleras” day (the typical shirt).

Each day begins with members parading in street clothes and singing songs that poke fun at the rival groups. Jokesters toss tinted water, blue dye and shaving cream at the opposing side. No one is spared – so dress expecting to get filthy.

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IMPORTANT! it is high season, so it would be a great idea to arrange your accommodation for these as soon as possible.