EQC Earthships

EQC Earthships is a small collective of people who are deeply passionate about Earthships and their potential to positively impact our world. We all graduated Earthship Academy in September 2015 and are excited to experience, embody and share this knowledge with our community and surroundings.

EQC Stands for Eagle-Quetzal-Condor.

“When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, the spirit of the land will re-awaken” –Inca Prophecy

A new vision for the 21St century, arising from the lineages of Native people from the Arctic Circle all the way to Patagonia and estimated at more than 2000 years of age. It speaks about The Eagle (symbolizing the Indigenous people of North America) meeting the Condor (symbol of the Indigenous people of South America) at a time when the Quetzal bird of Central America rises up to bring the two together.

According to mythology, every 500 years, there is an era called “Pachakuti”, the Fourth Pachakuti started in the 1490’s, and the Fifth began in the 1990’s. The ancient prophecy tells that after the people decided to split, one group following the Eagle and the other the Condor, these two paths would not meet for many years.

The fifth Pachakuti, would bring an era of a new level of consciousness for humanity, an era where people would re-unite!

“A portal for the Eagle and Condor to fly together in one sky, to open the path for a new human consciousness. “

Projects :

Taos, New Mexico

Is high-octane Latin America: think ceviche, casinos and stacked skylines. For this city of nearly one million, transformation is in the air: a new coastal green space, an anticipated biodiversity museum and a newly developed subway system. People are real in the city, and its beauty lives in the skewed rhythms and fiery sunsets.

Cañas, Azuero, Panama

Panama has always been a crucial connection, a confluence, a place where the oceans meet and walk side by side towards a point of expansion.

An explosion of nature, cultures and beliefs in that messy, musical arrangement that’s everyday life in Latin America.

The peninsula is the heart and soul of Panama and the festivals are its pulse. Península de Azuero is a farming and ranching hub, with rolling hills along the blue coastline.

Valle de los Chillos, Quito, Ecuador

Unpretentious and picturesque, Pedasí’s streets are lined with tiled colonials, where inhabitants greet the evening as they have for generations – rocking on the porch. For years, this sleepy retreat bloomed only at festival times, but outsiders discovering the big appeal of small-town life and wilderness beaches are flocking to the area.

A new airport has recently opened in town. At the time of writing, Air Panama flights from Albrook airport are not active, yet the airline has suggested that during season, flights will operate again.

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A long protected beach? The top of a mountain? Middle of the jungle? Island? Snow? Sand? It is all a possibility!

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